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Publication of the bylaw to approve Superethanol-E85 conversion systems in France

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A simple, affordable solution for greener, cleaner, cheaper driving available to nearly 10 million petrol-powered vehicles.  

On Friday 15th December, the French Ministry for Environment and Energy published the bylaw setting forth the terms to approve Superethanol-E85 conversion systems for petrol-powered vehicles to also use Superethanol-E85. Eagerly awaited by motorists and professionals, this bylaw regulates the approval Superethanol-E85 conversion kits together with their fitting on vehicles. It will help to popularise Superethanol-E85 in France.

Superethanol-E85: saving an average of €500 per 13,000 km

Being subject to less taxation because of its environmental edge, Superethanol-E85 is the cheapest fuel on the French market. It saves an average of €500 a year for 13,000 kilometres covered. In December 2017, the average pump price for Superethanol-E85 was €0.67 a litre as opposed to €1.29/l for diesel fuel, €1.40/l for Unleaded 95-E10 and €1.48/l for Unleaded 98 (source: www.prix-carburants.gouv.fr on 04/12/2017).

Superethanol-E85 conversion systems: effectively reducing emissions from vehicles on the roads

Not only does it save motorists money when filling up, Superethanol-E85 is also much better for the environment ! This fuel was launched in France in 2007 and contains between 65% and 85% bioethanol the rest being petrol. European bioethanol is sustainable and renewable, reducing net GHG emissions in 2016 by an average of 66% compared to fossil fuels (source: ePURE 2017). With the French government aiming to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, Superethanol-E85 helps motorists contribute to this ecological and economical revolution. Moreover, Superethanol-E85’s positive effect on the climate matches its benefits for human health in that its combustion emits hardly any particles.

Superethanol-E85 conversion systems: how they work 

Nearly 10 million vehicles in France are capable to receive Superethanol-E85 conversion systems. Once fitted, the Superethanol-E85 conversion system constantly analyses ethanol content. It then automatically adapts the engine to run indifferently on Superethanol-E85, Unleaded 95-E10, Unleaded 95 and Unleaded 98, all in the same tank and in any proportions. The cost of the conversion system varies according to the number of cylinders, starting at €700 for a vehicle with a 4-cylinder indirect injection engine.

French vehicle registration documents for vehicles of up to 14 HP can be duly modified when fitted with an approved conversion system. When buying second-hand, new owners can then obtain their registration documents free of charge or at least at half-price, depending on the region of France.

Superethanol-E85 conversion systems complying with this bylaw will be gradually approved in the coming months.

Sébastien Le Pollès, Chair of Flex Fuel Energy Development (FFED), a French SME specialising in Superethanol-E85 conversion kits, welcomed this publication: “The bylaw reinforces our 10 years’ experience in Superethanol-E85 conversion systems. FFED provides a great ecological and economical solution with a network of 200 trained professionals who have already fitted over 25,000 Superethanol-E85 conversion systems guaranteed for five years. We now aim to have 1,000 partners by end 2018.”

For Alexis Landrieu, Manager of Biomotors, the publication of this bylaw duly acknowledges the firm’s ten years’ experience in developing and manufacturing bioethanol conversion systems. “Biomotors conversion systems are manufactured in France, and fit a large range of engines, including the latest generation of direct injection engines. The firm has patented technology for the latter, and can rely on a vast network of professionals who endorse its quality.”

“In economic terms, Superethanol-E85 conversion systems are a runaway success,” confirmed Pierre Chasseray, general delegate of the French consumer association 40 Millions d’automobilistes. “The technique works smoothly and fulfils its goals without damaging cars or affecting engine efficiency.”

Perspectives for Superethanol-E85: a fuel enjoying brisk growth

Alex Truchetto, Director of SCA Pétrole et dérivés, is delighted with “this progress in the approval of Superethanol-E85 conversion systems, which should help develop Superethanol-E85. Intermarché supports this fuel, selling it at over 340 petrol stations”.

Superethanol-E85 is already available in 950 service stations in France, their numbers having tripled in four years. They are easy to locate with the smartphone application “Mes stations E85”, and the network is gaining ground at a rate of three new stations a week. With over 100 million litres sold and 22% growth in the past 12 months, Superethanol-E85 looks set to become THE fuel for greener, cleaner, cheaper driving in France.

The bioethanol production chain is an example of what can be achieved to combine the growth of bioeconomy and the protection of the environment. The European framework currently discussed in Brussels must allow this development without any unjustified limitation.

Superethanol-E85 conversion systems: technical fact sheet

The bylaw setting forth the approval procedure for Superethanol-E85 conversion systems provides both professionals and the motorists with clear insights into available offers, helping to pinpoint those meeting approval requirements.



if you want a Superethanol-E85 conversion system to be fitted on your vehicle


Approved Superethanol-E85 conversion systems cannot be sold alone. The following services have to be bundled in:

  • Fitting of the right Superethanol-E85 conversion system for your vehicle and its number of cylinders.
  •  Configuring the Superethanol-E85 conversion system for your engine
  • oA manufacturer warranty to cover parts in contact with fuel, should the automotive manufacturers warranty no longer apply.





The bylaw requires you to comply with the following:

  • Superethanol-E85 conversion systems must not interfere with other electric fittings / electronics
  • Vehicles fitted with Superethanol-E85 conversion systems must still meet all the requirements of its original European standard for pollutant emissions.
  • You must provide a manufacturer warranty for the Superethanol-E85 conversion system, covered by an insurance policy, for parts in contact with fuel, should the automotive manufacturers warranty not apply.
  • The French government must be sent a list of approved fitters,
  • Fitters must be provided with a fitting procedure, for compatible vehicles.

About the Bioethanol Collective

The Bioethanol Collective is represented by the French Inter-branch Beet and Sugar Association (AIBS) and the French Agricultural Alcohol Producers Association (SNPAA). It aims to raise awareness of the bioethanol industry among professionals and the general public.